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How to Change the PHP Version of Your Website
How to Change the PHP Version of Your Website

Changing the PHP version of your website at Hostinger

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The information below doesn't apply to websites created with Hostinger Website Builder 💡

To change the PHP version of your website, go to the Websites section and click on Manage next to the website in question. Then, search for PHP Configuration on the sidebar and click on the given result to access those settings:

The PHP Configuration menu item

On the PHP Configuration page, select the PHP version you wish to use and click on Update:

The PHP version tab showing the available PHP versions

The PHP version will be updated within a couple of minutes.

How to Select an Unsupported PHP Version

To enhance website security and protection, make sure that your website code is compatible with the latest PHP version.

However, sometimes an older PHP version may be necessary, e.g., for testing and troubleshooting. To find all the available versions, click on Show no longer supported PHP versions:

The PHP version tab showing how to display unsupported versions

Make sure to revert it back to a supported version once you're ready.

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