The best thing about the Legacy website builder is that it's very easy to use and does not require any experience in website development. Most of Your Legacy website builder website's settings can be turned off and on with just a few clicks!

To enable or disable HTTPS redirection on your Legacy website builder website, first access the Website Builder in your Hosting Account's Control Panel. You can just type Website Builder into the Search Bar at the top of Your Control Panel page to locate Your Builder more easily. Once You've accessed the Website Builder, locate the settings icon at the top of your Site Builder page and click it. In the appeared drop-down menu click on Settings.

A pop-up should appear containing Your websites settings. The very first set of settings You see will contain the required option: "Publish Site with forced HTTPS". Keeping this option on will make Your website to load in HTTPS by default, while turning it off loads Your website in HTTP. Make the change you require and click Save.

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