Do you want to change the domain name set as the main one for your hosting account? No worries, it can be done in a few clicks!

Step 1 - Check the domain

First, make sure that the domain name, which you want to be the main one, is visible in the Websites section of your panel. If it’s not there, make sure to add the website first.

Step 2 - Change the main domain

Go to Hosting → Manage, search for Set Main Domain on the left sidebar and click on it:

Open the drop-down list and choose the domain you want and click on Set as main domain:

You have successfully designated a new domain as the main domain of your hosting account! If you don’t need the old domain name anymore, you can delete it on the Add Website page:


  • The Set Main Domain feature simply renames your hosting account. It has no influence on website files

  • The option to change the main domain is not available for websites created with Website Builder

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