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Which Database Management System Is Used at Hostinger?
Which Database Management System Is Used at Hostinger?

Determining the type of SQL used at Hostinger

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A Database Management System (DBMS) serves as an interface for working with databases, providing tools to create, manage, organize, and retrieve data; while SQL (Structured Query Language) acts as the language used for interacting with the DBMS.

At Hostinger, our Web and Cloud hosting plans use MariaDB, an open-source relational database management system, across all our Web and Cloud hosting plans. MariaDB offers the same fundamental functionality as MySQL while enhancing query optimization, security, and overall performance. Plus, you have access to the user-friendly phpMyAdmin graphical interface, simplifying database management even more!

MariaDB features high compatibility with MySQL, ensuring seamless operation for most applications. Check the official documentation for more details: MariaDB - MySQL comparison.

If you're interested in using a different database management system like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or SQLite, the alternative is a virtual private server (VPS).


  • Since all our servers are Linux-based, SQL Server is not supported. If you wish to use SQL Server, you can install Microsoft SQL server on a VPS running Ubuntu

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