If your domain is pointing to Cloudflare, you can manage to activate and deactivate from the Cloudflare Dashboard. If you were using Cloudflare integration and your domain is pointing to Hostinger nameservers, you can deactivate Cloudflare from your panel.

How to activate on Cloudflare.com

As soon as your domain is pointing to Cloudflare and propagated, DDoS attack protection it will be automatically enabled - you don't need to take additional steps!

How to deactivate on Cloudflare.com

To disable the Cloudflare protection, just log in to your Cloudflare Dashboard, and click on the domain in question. Then open Overview, scroll down to Advanced Actions, and choose Pause Cloudflare on Site:


  • Pausing Cloudflare stops traffic from passing through the Cloudflare network, making your origin server IP address visible

  • Also, Cloudflare’s security and protection features become disabled

  • As an alternative to disabling Cloudflare, you can enable Development Mode to bypass caching while preserving security and protection

If you would like to permanently disable Cloudflare, just choose Remove Site from Cloudflare. Keep in mind that you need to point your domain to your hosting after this.

How to deactivate Cloudflare on hPanel

To start using Cloudflare on Cloudflare.com, you will need to deactivate Cloudflare from hPanel first.

Open Hosting Manage, search for Cloudflare on the sidebar and click on it:

Next, click on Disable:

Once deactivated, the propagation process will start, which can take up to 24 hours to complete.

After propagation is completed and the domain is pointed back to Hostinger, you can point your domain to Cloudflare 😊

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