In order to start building your website, sometimes you will need to find connection details, for example, to your FTP account. The question is, where can you find them?

Don't worry, here at Hostinger we have all of them stored in one place. You can find them by opening HostingManage:

Scrolling down and clicking on Details:

The Details page contains the following sections:

  1. Website Details - your domain name and website's IP address

  2. Hosting Details - main limits of your hosting plan with an opportunity to upgrade

  3. Nameservers - DNS records, needed for your domain to work with Hostinger. Make sure to check on how to point a domain to Hostinger, if your domain is purchased elsewhere

  4. Server Details - information about which server you are using: its name and location. Here you also can change your server location

  5. FTP Details - information needed to connect to your account via FTP


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