A git repository, such as GitHub, can be used to deploy and install your website. Just head over to your website's Control Panel and locate the GIT menu to get started:

In Create a New Repository field you can setup your deployment settings. Make sure you select the correct Repository Address and Branch or the deployment will fail. Leave the Install Path empty and your website will be deployed to your account's root folder (/public_html).

WARNING: Install path directory must not contain any files or folders, otherwise deployment will fail.

Once you add New Repository to the account, you will see Manage Repository block. Then, you can choose Auto Deployment option:

You can use Webhook URL for Auto Deployment to merge a selected git branch. 

NOTE: During the setup, you will be given external links on how to create Webhook URL. This feature is useful, for example, if composer.json file exists, composer update will run automatically as well.

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