Cron Job is a tool that allows you to execute simple, repetitive tasks on a schedule automatically. Cron Job can be used for clearing cache, performing monitoring, running custom scripts, and so on.

To set up a Cron Job, open Hosting Manage Cron Jobs:

Types of Cron jobs

First, you need to choose type of Cron Job: PHP or Custom:

Selecting PHP will allow you to run .php files only, while Custom gives you the ability to execute scripts with different extensions and commands.

Command to run

Here, you can write the command you want to execute. For the PHP type that will be a path to a .PHP file which you want to execute, for the Custom Cron Job - any command or path to the file (usually non .PHP).



The last step - specify, when exactly you want your Cron Job to be executed. You can choose from common options or set a schedule up manually:

That's it - click on Save and your Cron Job will be created!

All your existing Cron Jobs can be found on the same page at the List of Cron Jobs section:


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