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Is the Hostinger Webmail Client Customizable?
Is the Hostinger Webmail Client Customizable?

Changing the preferences of the Webmail interface for Hostinger Email

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There are a few options to help you tailor your Hostinger Webmail experience to your liking. After logging into your Hostinger Email account, navigate to Settings → Preferences → User Interface:

The User Interface option on Hostinger Webmail settings

You will find the following customization options, among others:

  • Display Language - choose your preferred language for the interface

  • Time Zone - set your time zone for accurate time and date display

  • Date and Time Format - customize how dates and times are presented

  • Check Frequency - adjust how often your account checks for new messages

  • Theme - change the visual theme of your webmail interface

If you desire more extensive customization or wish to utilize a different web-based email client, such as MailPile, Horde, or even your proprietary application, consider exploring our VPS plans. With a VPS you can set up your own email server and have complete control over all email configurations, allowing for a fully personalized email experience 😊

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