Account Sharing provides you with the ability to securely grant access to your account to another person, for example, a developer or collaborator 😊

To grant access, click on the profile icon and choose Account Sharing:

The Profile Icon menu showing to select Account Sharing

In the Account Sharing page, click on the Grant access button:

If the next option indicates to insert an email account to grant access:

The Grant Access option showing to insert the email account to grant access to

Your account can be fully shared – access to all your websites and services will be shared with the account you are granting access.

In case you are presented with further options:

The Grant Access option showing to insert the email account to grant access to, select access level, services and notifications options

You will need to determine an access level, select the services you wish to share, and choose notification options.

In either case, fill out the form, and when it's good to go, click on Grant Access. A confirmation message will be sent to the user – they will need to click on the link to be granted access to your account.


  • Both your account and the account to which you will share access must be registered under the same Hostinger brand (eg. if you are on, the other account must be on as well)

  • If the new user does not have a Hostinger account yet, they will be prompted to create one

  • The detailed sharing options feature will be released in the future for all accounts 😊

What Actions Can the User With Granted Access Perform on the Account?

A user with granted access will be able to make changes to your websites, such as modify files and databases, as well as change hosting-related settings in your control panel.

To ensure your account's privacy and security, a user with granted actions cannot perform the following actions:

  • Manage or add payment methods to your account

  • Invite others to access the account

  • View or change profile information (for example, change email, name, phone, address, and password)

  • Do the following tasks with domains: transfer or unlock domains, change domain's contact details, manage auto-renewals, sell domains in the aftermarket, respond to a domain buying service, or manage backorders

  • Add websites to your account or change the main domain

  • Delete your account

Due to these restrictions, the Panel for an account with granted access will show fewer options than the owner account.

How to Manage Shared Access

To check the current users with granted access, go to the Users that have access to your account section, where the email addresses, access type, and status will be listed:

The Users that have access to your account section

To revoke any access to your account, just click on Remove access next to the email address.

That's it, now you know how to grant access to your account with other users without sharing your login credentials 😊

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