You can track data such as CPU, Memory, Entry Processes, Processes, Total Requests, Unique IP addresses of your website if you have any Shared, WordPress, or Cloud Hosting plan

First, click on HostingManage:

The next step is to find the Order Usage button which should look like this:

Inside this section, you will find a lot of cool information about your usage and will be able to choose to show statistics for the last 24 hours, or for the last 30 days:

Here is a simple explanation for all metrics

CPU usage: is the number of CPU power consumed by the hosting account

Memory limit: shows the amount of memory that is used by the hosting account’s processes

Processes: are the total number of all processes that are running in your hosting account

Entry processes: are a number of processes that are used to process your website requests

Total requests: shows HTTP or/and HTTPS requests to all hosting account

Unique IP addresses: is the number of distinct IP addresses that accessed your hosting account

PHP emails: shows how many emails were sent using PHP mail() function

Bandwidth: is the amount of data that was transmitted in a fixed amount of time

You will all of the mentioned metrics in graphics mode like the one below:

The red line is your current plan limit, so you can keep track if you are close to reaching your limits or not yet 😉

That's it! Now you know how to check your order usage on hPanel 😊


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