You can track data such as CPU, Memory, Entry Processes, Processes, Total Requests, Unique IP address of your website if you have any Shared or Cloud Hosting plan. To locate Usage Statistics feature, simply enter hPanel of your hosting account and look for an icon called Order Usage.

To get a better understanding of what is it, you can read the description below:

  1. Entry processes are a number of processes that are used to process your website requests.
  2. Process is the total number of all processes that are running in your hosting account.
  3. CPU Usage is a number of CPU power consumed by your hosting account.
  4. Memory limit shows the amount of memory that is used by hosting account’s processes.
  5. Total Requests show HTTP or/and HTTPS requests to all hosting account.
  6. Unique IP's is the number of distinct IP addresses that accessed hosting account.
  7. Email over SMTP shows how many emails were sent using SMTP.
  8. Email over PHP shows how many emails were sent using PHP mail() function.
  9. Bandwidth is the amount of data that was transmitted in a fixed amount of time.

If you happen to see something similar to these statistics above, it could simply mean that your website has outgrown its current plan. There are two options to choose now:

  1. You can upgrade your Hosting and double or even triple the resources of your Hosting Plan. This upgrade would allow you to keep expanding your account and give your website the so much needed support.
  2. Optimise your website to make it faster with the current Plan. This article will help you out!

NOTE: Here's an article, how to find Control Panel over here.

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