This article talks about enabling high-performance Web Servers per domain with nginx-Varnish-Apache and PHP-FPM with all extensions of PHP 7

Before starting, you must build your VPS with CentOS 7 64bit with CentOS Panel template. Now simply follow the steps bellow: 

Login to your CentOSPanel administration entering this URL http://your_vps_ip:2030 

Click on PHP-FPM Selector (NEW)

Select PHP versions you wish to install. The best it would be selecting a few PHP versions (for example: 5.6 and 7.0) if by any chance you would need to switch them

By the way, installation of all PHP versions can take over 30 minutes. After clicking Start Compiler, relax and sit aside at least for 30 minutes. Once the installation is finished, you will see a bubble in your CentOSPanel

Once PHP-FPM PHP versions installation is finished, refresh PHP-FPM Selector page and click on Start button on any of PHP versions:

Click on Web server Settings > Select Web servers and choose nginx & Varnish & Apache and Rebuild the server.

Create a new hosting account (domain name) in CentOS panel by navigating to following tab User accounts > New Account

Activate nginx-Varnish-Apache & PHP-FPM + PHP 7 for the domain name by navigating to Web server Settings > Web Servers domain conf. Select the username, click on create the configuration and click on nginx-Varnish-Apache & PHP-FPM option.

After all the easy steps above you will see the message that it was successfully configured!

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