This article talks about enabling high-performance Web Servers per domain with nginx-Varnish-Apache and PHP-FPM with all extensions of PHP 7. It will come handy if you have VPS with CentOS 7 64bit with CentOS Panel template.

Step 1 - Install PHP versions

Log in to your VPS and click on PHP-FPM Selector (NEW):

Select PHP versions you wish to install. We recommend selecting several PHP versions (for example, 5.6 and 7.0) if by any chance you would need to switch between them:

Click Start Compiler. Installation of all PHP versions can take over 30 minutes, once the installation is finished, you will see a notification in your CentOSPanel:

Once the installation is finished, refresh the PHP-FPM Selector page and click on the Start button on any of the PHP versions:

Step 2 - Rebuild the server

After PHP version is started, it's time to rebuild the server to apply the changes. For this, open Web server SettingsSelect Web servers, choose nginx & Varnish & Apache and Rebuild the server:

Step 3 - Activate the needed options

Now, create a new hosting account (domain name) by navigating to User accounts → New Account.

Then open Web server Settings → Web Servers domain conf, select the username. Click on create the configuration and then choose nginx-Varnish-Apache & PHP-FPM option. This will activate nginx-Varnish-Apache & PHP-FPM + PHP 7 for the domain name:

After all the easy steps above you will see the message that it was successfully configured!

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