Minecraft VPS hosting can be purchased from: https://www.hostinger.com/minecraft-server-hosting

After order activation, you should be able to see your login details to your Multicraft Panel on VPS management page. 

Starting your first Minecraft server.

1. Login to your Multicraft panel using admin credentials

2. Click on Create server button on the left-hand side.

3. Fill in Server description on the following fields:

Name: Enter your server name
Player Slots: Enter your desired maximum players count
Memory: Enter maximum allocated memory for the Minecraft server. If you are planning running only single Minecraft server, you can enter almost all VPS memory (as for an example if you purchase VPS server with 2GB memory, you can enter 1500 in memory field and later increase if needed). Note that you shouldn't apply all the available memory, you must leave at least 250MB for reserve.

All these server settings can be adjusted at a later time.

4. Click on the Create button and then on the Start button.

You can view and control the server from the command line by clicking on the Console button.

In order to edit Minecraft server settings such as (Difficulty, Game Mode, Spawn Monsters, Spawn NPC, etc) navigate to Files >> Config >> Server Settings. After the adjustments, restart your Minecraft server.

Game Launchers
Unofficial Minecraft launcher - https://mc-launcher.com/special/minecraft
Pocket Mine Launcher - https://mc-launcher.com/launcher/pocketedition

Preinstalled Game Servers
Vanilla Default Minecraft Server
Pocket Mine (pocket version, mobile version)

Detailed MultiCraft Panel documentation is available here: http://multicraft.org/site/userguide/index

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