Setting up a domain for Titan Email

The first thing you need to do is to go to the DNS Zone of your domain and add the following MX records:



Points to




1 hour/3600 seconds



1 hour/3600 seconds

And this TXT record:


TXT value



v=spf1 ~all

4 hours/14400 seconds

More information about how to set domain for Titan mail can be found in this article:

How to set up Titan Mail on your devices?

If you want to use Titan Mail on your devices (like Android or iOS phone) or different email applications (like Outlook, Gmail, etc), you can follow this article:

How to create your first mailbox?

To create your first mailbox, finish setting up your order on the Homepage. After that reach to the Emails section:

Click on the domain you wish to manage and then on Email accounts:

There you will be able to create your email account by clicking on Create new email account:

How to access Webmail?

You can access Webmail via this link - or by using, then login into your Titan account:

Also, you can access it from your email account’s management page: just click on Options:

And choose Access Webmail:

How to change the password of the mailbox?

To change the password, open the Email accounts section, and click on Options:

And choose Reset password:

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