Let’s Encrypt introduced free SSL certificates quite some time ago. It made possible for a website owners to offer encrypted HTTPS connection for their visitors totally free of charge. To achieve it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the website: sslforfree.com - type in your website URL and press Create Free SSL Certificate:

2. Choose verification method: Automatic FTP verification:

3. A window will appear where you will have to insert your FTP account details

4. Create FTP user for your website by filling details in Create a New FTP Account in your Hostinger control panel (tutorial here):

5. Once Username and Password is filled click Create and your account will appear in the list bellow:

6. When the details of your FTP User is filled at sslforfree.com click Download Free SSL Certificate:

7. After a moment of verification, the new window will open with 3 different keys of your new SSL:

8. These codes will also be included in the files which you can download by clicking Download all SSL Certificate Files. However, you can simply copy/paste them in your Hostinger account. In your control panel locate here.

At the domain section select your domain, for which you have generated the code and paste all 3 different codes in the correct areas, after click Install.

9. When the installation is complete you will find your domain name in the list at the top. You will be able to see the Expiry date, after which you will need to repeat the process all over again. Moreover, to force people accessing your website with secure connection, click on the green button Force HTTPS.

However, for some people this process might get confusing while having several domain names and knowing that for each and one of them you will need to repeat the generating SSL process every 3 Months. In this case Hostinger offers you solution! You can get Lifetime SSL, which will be updated and installed it for you automatically. 

NOTE: It's a one time small fee and you can enjoy this SSL for Lifetime!

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