If you have an active Cloudflare account, you can manage your domain's DNS zone via Cloudflare Dashboard. Simply log in there, select your domain and open the DNS section:

Once there, you will be presented with a DNS Zone:

To create a new record simply click on Add record, there you will be able to specify record type as well as other required fields:

To edit an existing record, click on the Edit button near the preferred record:

It’s worth noting that some records can be Proxied. It means whenever you check that record on DNSchecker for example - it won’t display your actual specified value. This is extra useful if you don’t want other people to see your records 🔐

Hostinger default DNS records:

If you are using Cloudflare at Hostinger, it’s recommended to manage your DNS records with us. All the changes will be automatically reflected on Cloudflare’s DNS Zone.


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