If you see this message while creating an email account:

It means that your domain is not pointing to Hostinger at the moment. What can you do with this?

The easiest option - point your domain to Hostinger and wait for propagation to be completed.

If you want to only use mail services with Hostinger and the domain name to be pointed elsewhere:

  • Open the service where your domain is pointed to
  • Open DNS zone editor (it may have a different name based on the service) and change the following records:

Record type: TXT

Host: @

Value: the TXT record that is displayed in the grey field of the warning message

TTL: leave the default

To successfully send and receive emails, you need to add Hostinger MX records as well.


  • When you update your domain's DNS zone, you will need to wait up to 24 hours until changes are fully propagated 😊
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