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How to Set Up a Redirect on cPanel
How to Set Up a Redirect on cPanel

Creating a redirect on cPanel

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To create and manage domain redirects on cPanel, go to Domains → Redirects:

The redirects option in cPanel

Next, select the redirect type, the domain, specify a custom path to be redirected if applicable, and choose between redirecting the www or root domain:

The Add redirect page and its settings

For the redirect type, consider the following:

  • Permanent 301 - Use if the original URL will no longer be in use. It is the recommended option for SEO, since you can keep the search ranking of the previous domain

  • Temporary 302 - You can use this redirect if the redirect is temporary, eg. when your website is under maintenance

  • Wild Card Redirect - will redirect all files within a directory to the same filename in the redirected directory

Once created, the redirect will appear on the bottom of the page, where you will be able to delete it if needed:

The Current Redirects list in cPanel and the option to delete a redirect
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