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How to Upload a Backup With File Manager in cPanel
How to Upload a Backup With File Manager in cPanel

Uploading backups using cPanel File Manager at Hostinger

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If you have a backup archive of your website on your local device, you can upload it to your cPanel hosting by logging into your cPanel and selecting Files → File Manager:

Next, click on Upload at the top-right corner of the File Manager window:

The Upload button on cPanel File Manager

Drag and drop your file, or click on Select File to choose the file you would like to upload:

The file dropping area for cPanel File Manager

To replace current files of the same name in your hosting with the upload, check the box to overwrite any existing files.

Once the file has been successfully uploaded, right-click on it and select Extract:

The File Manager context menu to extract an archive

Then, select the path where to extract the files. For example, if it's a backup of your website files, select the public_html directory, and click Extract file(s):

The option to select the extract destination

After a few minutes, your files will be extracted to the selected location.


  • The maximum allowed size for uploading a file using File Manager is 29GB. For larger files, you can use an FTP client

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