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How to upload backup with File Manager in cPanel?
How to upload backup with File Manager in cPanel?
Uploading backups through cPanel File Manager on Hostinger
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You can easily upload a backup of your website by opening your cPanel → File Manager:

And by following this procedure:

Select Upload option at the top-right corner of the File Manager window:

Choose the compressed file that you would like to restore:


  • You can also check the checkmark to overwrite any existing files

After the file has been successfully uploaded, right-click on it and select Extract:

Finally, select the extraction directory (in this example the files were extracted to public_html directory).

That’s it! You are ready to use your files at cPanel!


  • The maximum allowed size for uploading a file using File Manager is 256MB.

  • If you want to upload a bigger file, you can use an FTP client, as there are no size limitations for uploading files.

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