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How to Manage SPF Records on cPanel
How to Manage SPF Records on cPanel

Adding an SPF record on cPanel

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SPF record or Sender Policy Framework is a TXT record that works as a security mechanism that prevents other people from sending emails on your behalf.

You can easily enable the SPF record on cPanel by going to Email Deliverability, located in the Email section:

The cPanel Email Deliverability option

Next, click on the Manage button for the domain you wish to enable the SPF record for:

The domain manage option for email deliverability

If you want to set a default SPF record, scroll down to Suggested SPF Record and click on the Customize button:

The suggested SPF record and how to customize it

Then scroll down to the Additional settings section and include the following two new entries by clicking on Add A new “+include” item:



How to Add new SPF records

Once done, scroll all the way down and click on Install a customized SPF record:

The Install a Customized SPF Record button

If you would like to add custom SPF records from your current email provider, you can do so by editing your domain's TXT records.

After SPF is enabled or added, a new TXT record will appear in your DNS Zone. After up to 24 hours, once propagation is completed, the SPF record will be fully operational.

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