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How to Change the Database Timezone on phpMyAdmin
How to Change the Database Timezone on phpMyAdmin

Changing the time zone of a database via phpMyAdmin on Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

You can easily set the time zone of your database session by using an SQL command in phpMyAdmin. Just open your database using phpMyAdmin and go to the SQL section:

Once there, insert the following command:

SET time_zone = '+hh:00';

Replacing +hh with the UTC timezone. For example, UTC-03:00 would be:

SET time_zone = '-03:00';

Next, click on the Go button to apply the changes:

That's it! You have successfully changed the time zone for the current MySQL session on your database.


  • After the current session ends time zone will be changed to the default one (UTC+00:00). Alternatively, you can use the PHP date_default_timezone function to set your website's timezone

  • If you need to permanently change your global server timezone, you can consider a VPS plan

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