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How to Change Values of PHP Parameters
How to Change Values of PHP Parameters

Changing upload_max_filesize, max_input_vars, and other PHP parameters at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

The information below doesn't apply to websites created with Hostinger Website Builder 💡

To change the values of a lot of PHP parameters, go to Websites Manage, search for PHP Configuration on the sidebar, and click on it:

Then, select the PHP Options tab. Below the basic options, you are able to define the values of several parameters, like timezone, disabled functions, and limitations: execution time, file uploads, input time, memory limit, and others.

To set a new value for limits, insert the desired value or select it from the drop-down list, if available:


  • You can only set values that are equal to or lower than your hosting plan's limit. If you set the bigger value, your hosting plan's maximum value will be applied

  • You can check limitations and other PHP configuration information on the PHP Info page

  • PHP parameters, missing on this page, can be changed using the .htaccess file

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