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If you are using Hostinger Email and wish to set up your mailbox on the default Mail application on your Mac or iOS devices, you need to make sure that:

Then you may refer to this procedure:

Step 1 - Download the configuration profile

Open Emails → domain name → Configuration Settings using Safari browser (as in other browsers the profile will not be downloaded properly):

Then click on Set up Apple devices:

Insert the name and surname that you wish to use for emails, along with the email address to which you want to connect, and click Continue:

You will see the information to continue:

Either scan the QR code or follow the unique link below.

Your device will most likely ask to approve the profile you will be downloading, be sure to confirm it.

If you are setting up an email account on Mac, click on the file and go to the next step.

If you are setting up an email account on an iPad or iPhone, you will receive a message similar to this:

Go to your device’s Settings application. If you used Safari browser, you will now see Profile Downloaded. Click on it:

In the pop-up window click on Install:

Step 2 - Connect to your account

Now, you will need to enter your name and your email account’s password. Your device’s password might be required as well.

After it is done, your email profile is successfully installed 😊

Step 3 - Open the Mail application

Open the default email application. Most likely, you will be asked to insert your email account’s password one more time, please do it. If everything was done correctly, you will be automatically connected to your email account at Hostinger!

Synchronizing all emails might take some time, so giving it up to a few minutes is recommended.


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