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What is my VPS hostname and how to change it?
What is my VPS hostname and how to change it?
Checking your VPS hostname and changing it at Hostinger
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What is a VPS hostname?

A hostname is the name of your device on a network, for example, you will see it as the name of the server that sends emails. As for VPS, shortly, it’s how you call your server.

Your VPS hostname will be displayed in the VPS dashboard - so a good hostname will help you to easier identify the server which you want to manage.

We recommend specifying your hostname as a domain or subdomain, for example, “myserver.domain.tld”, where “domain.tld” is a domain (or one of the domains) hosted on this server.


  • The domain name, which you set as a hostname, should be managed from your side: you should have full control over this domain name, including the possibility to edit its DNS zone

What is the difference between hostname and domain name?

The hostname can be anything, like a subdomain or a simple string like “MyServer”. The main difference is whether a hostname can be reached on the internet or not. For example, a hostname like “MyServer” can only be found on your own network, while an internet hostname like “myserver.domain.tld” can be accessed through the internet as well.

How to change VPS hostname?

To change the hostname, open your VPS management page, choose Settings:

And set the new value in the Change Hostname section (it’ll be displayed at the bottom of the page):

Changes might take up to 10 minutes to be applied, but in most cases they are instant.

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