General information

Patchstack is an advanced WordPress security tool, that has a broad list of available features such as Plugin vulnerability detection, HTTP security headers detection, or even WordPress core vulnerability detection. It was also known as WebARX previously, full story about rebranding can be found here: Rebrand From WebARX to Patchstack.

Installing Patchstack and accessing its dashboard

You can easily install Patchstack by navigating to the Official Patchstack website and registering there.

Once that’s done, you will be able to see its dashboard straight from your WordPress Admin Dashboard:

The main dashboard can be accessed from the Official Patchstack website.

Is Patchstack free?

Patchstack comes with a 7-day trial which includes all the features. After 7 days you will need to proceed with payments for your subscription in order to keep using it.

How to disable Patchstack?

You can disable Patchstack by navigating to your WordPress Plugins section:

Once there, search for Patchstack and disable it:

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