General information

Patchstack is an advanced WordPress security tool we offer for websites, hosted with Hostinger. Here are the main features that come with it: Patchstack features. Patchstack was also known as WebARX previously, full story about rebranding can be found here: Rebrand From WebARX to Patchstack.

Installing Patchstack and accessing it’s dashboard

You can easily install Patchstack by navigating to your WordPress Dashboard:

And clicking on Install button near Patchstack section:

Once that’s done, you will see the Dashboard button for accessing Patchstack dashboard:

Is Patchstack free?

Patchstack comes with a trial that is active until it blocks 200 threats. Once the limit is reached you will have 3 days to upgrade your account for it to continue working properly.

In case you don't upgrade within 3 days after 200 threats have been blocked, further attacks will not be blocked. However, it will remain installed and active in case you would like to upgrade it later.

How to upgrade Patchstack?

You can upgrade Patchstack straight from its dashboard. Once there find and click on Addons section:

Once there, select Billing & Invoices section:

There you will be able to upgrade your Patchstack plan 😊

How to disable Patchstack?

You can disable Patchstack by navigating to your WordPress Plugins section:

Once there, find Patchstack (1) and disable it (2):


  • In order for the WordPress dashboard to be active on your hPanel, you need to have WordPress installed via our Auto-Installer.

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