Hostinger proudly introduces our new, updated Hostinger Emails! You now have increased and more transparent resources, better performance, and new features available 🚀

However, some features, which you might have used, are currently deprecated. Here you can find explanations, why:

Webmail auto-login

At Hostinger, we care about customer's security the most. To ensure the security of your email accounts, we discontinue the auto-login feature, which allowed logging to the email account without inserting the password. The change was released on April 5th, 2021.

To access Webmail after update just open page and insert your email account's credentials. That's it!


Spam filter and antivirus

Now, we have boosted our spam and virus security accuracy for all mail servers and users globally to protect your email inbox from spam. Spam filters and antivirus are enabled for all email accounts without an option to disable them.

Mailbox size

Earlier, you had to set a mailbox size for each inbox manually to have the maximum available disk space. That is not needed anymore - from now on, your mailbox size is set to a maximum size per email account according to Email Hosting plan limits.

Keep in mind that your emails are stored separately, and do not affect your hosting account’s disk usage.

New features in Hostinger Emails

Email limits

From now on, you will see clear email limits in your dashboard, available in a couple of clicks from the Email Accounts page:

Email Delivery

You don’t need to worry about any email DNS records being correct - we will be checking them for you, and showing the current status of MX, SPF, and DKIM records.

If your domain is pointing to Hostinger by nameservers, you will be able to set the needed MX, SPF, DKIM records in a couple of clicks.

If your domain is pointing elsewhere, you will see all the necessary information to configure MX, SPF, and DKIM records.

Set Up Devices

This page will provide you with all the needed information to configure your emails on your devices. Most devices or email clients have automatic configuration available as well, be sure to try it out.

In case automatic configuration is not supported, you will still find all the needed configuration values conveniently in one place to successfully set up an email client manually.

Alias feature

Alias is a feature that allows you to assign multiple alternative names to each email account - and receive all emails in one place. You can also use aliases as a “from” address.


Enjoy mailing with Hostinger Emails, and stay tuned for more cool updates 💜

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