How to Check Email Headers

Viewing headers of email messages on Webmail and mail clients

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The email headers are a set of data that contains important information about the message and how it was routed to its destination. Checking this information before taking any action within the email, such as clicking on its links, can protect you from phishing attempts. It is also useful in some cases for troubleshooting email delivery issues.

When you display the message source, the full content will open in plain text. The section before “Content-Type” constitutes the email header, revealing details about the sender and other relevant information. The format typically follows the example below:

For Hostinger Email, you can check the email headers via Webmail or your preferred email client you're using:

Option 1 - Using Webmail

To check the headers of an email message, all you need to do is log in to your email account using Webmail, go to the message, then choose More and Show source:

The full content of the message will open on a new browser window - the headers will be at the beginning.

Option 2 - Using an Email Client

If you are using an email client other than Webmail, you can follow the official guidelines on how to display the email headers:

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