In case you got bored of playing the standard (vanilla) version of Minecraft, you can enhance your experience by installing Forge with just a few clicks.

Installing forge

Forge allows you to install mods and modpacks from 3rd party sources, such as CurseForge, 9minecraft or others.

To install Forge on Game Panel simply right click on your instance and select Manage:

Choose Configuration and open Minecraft:

Locate the Server Type, choose Forge from the drop-down list, select the necessary Forge version (depending on the mods/modpack) and press Download / Update:

When the setup is complete, notification from the bottom-right corner will disappear. Then you may select the installed Forge version as the Server JAR. It will be loaded once you start the server:


  • If you do not see your installed Forge version in the list, press Scan for new JARs button and check once again.

Installing mods

Mods in Minecraft are installed by uploading the packages in .jar or .zip format into the mods folder. As we already have Forge installed all we will need to do is open File Manager:

Create mods folder by right-clicking on any file/folder and selecting Create Directory option:

Name it as mods and press OK.

That's it! You can now download mods/modpacks from a 3rd party source and drag-drop it in this folder.


  • How to install Minecraft plugins on Game Panel?

  • Mods are created by a 3rd party, therefore for troubleshooting mod-related issues we highly recommend referring to the mods’ support forums or contacting the author

  • Forge is only available for the Minecraft Java edition

  • Minecraft Bedrock edition (Minecraft for Windows 10) does not support mods, however you can enhance the game’s features with addons from the in-game Marketplace

  • All mods need to be installed while the server is not running. To ensure this, you can open the Status section and see if the application status is shown as stopped:

  • Make sure to download all the required addons for your desired mod. If there is any missing content, the mod might not work. For more details, please refer to the mod’s source (example from

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