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Changes of Cloud Plans Add-On Feature
Changes of Cloud Plans Add-On Feature

New Cloud plans add-on changes and full feature list

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In order to improve the stability of your Cloud services, new changes are coming to the hPanel dashboard. From now on, all your new add-on domains will be located under one Control Panel dashboard and will share the same username.

What does it mean to you?

Changes in File Manager and FTP

Thanks to the change, you won't need to open the File Manager of each domain separately to access their files. Files of your websites will be accessible under the domains folder. Each domain has its own folder, like on the example below:

This change also means that you can connect to the main domain name of your hosting account by FTP - and get access to all websites' files 🚀

Account Sharing

Account sharing will be to the entire hosting plan. To provide access to a specific website, a new Hosting Plan would be required.

What happens to my already active plan?

The change applies to all the new hosting orders and new add-on domains added to the plan after the update.

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