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How to Analyze Your Website's Performance With GTmetrix
How to Analyze Your Website's Performance With GTmetrix

Optimizing your website with GTmetrix recommendations

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GTmetrix is a website performance analytics tool that you can use to check your website's speed and performance, as well as get useful information on the issues that may affect your website's loading speed and how to improve it.

Step 1 - Preparations

It is recommended to create a GTmetrix account, as it enables the option to choose the test location and device, as well as a few additional options.

Choosing a location closest to your actual server location will provide you with more accurate data than the default location.

Step 2 - Run a Test

Once logged in to GTmetrix, enter your domain name with HTTPS. Next, select the testing server location, device type, and connection speed.

When all is good to go, click on Analyze:

The Dashboard seciton of GTmetrix to enter the test parameters

Step 3 - Read the Report

The report contains several sections, it is recommended to check them all:

The GTmetrix report indicating how to reach its different sections

The following guides cover them in detail:

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