At Hostinger, we provide VPS hosting with a broad variety of available templates: combinations of Operating Systems (OS) and control panels.

While you can manage the basic settings of your VPS from the VPS tab of your hPanel, logging in to different panels installed on your server will require different credentials and links.

How to log in to the most popular panels?


Login URL

Login credentials

Webmin / Virtualmin / LAMP panel


Username: root

Password: your root password

cPanel and WHM panel


  • http://your_vps_ip:2086

  • https://your_vps_ip:2087


  • http://your_vps_ip:2082

  • https://your_vps_ip:2083


Username: root

Password: your root password


Credentials that you used while creating a cPanel user

LXDE Desktop


Username: root

Password: first 8 characters of your root password

CentOS panel

  • http://your_vps_ip:2030

  • https://your_vps_ip:2031

Username: root

Password: your root password

Webuzo panel

  • http://your_vps_ip:2004

  • https://your_vps_ip:2004

Username: root

Password: your root password

Plesk Onyx panel


Username: root

Password: your root password

VestaCP panel


Username: root

Password: your root password

Game Panel


Username: indicated on hPanel

Password: indicated on hPanel


  • Make sure to replace your_vps_ip with the IP address of your server

  • If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your server yet, logging in via HTTPS will require you to accept an untrusted SSL certificate

What to do if my panel is not on the list?

If your panel is not in the list, to log in to it you can search for the panel’s official documentation for the login information (for example, here is an official article from cPanel about how to log in to the server with cPanel on it).

How to log in by domain name?

If you want to log in to your VPS control panel by using a domain name (f.e., by domain.tld:2083), you will need to assign your domain to the server, and install an SSL certificate.


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