Here at Hostinger our servers specifically use LiteSpeed. This allows you to boost your WordPress website’s performance by installing the LiteSpeed caching plugin.


LiteSpeed caching plugin does all of these things:

  • Increases your website speed and performance

Cached data is stored on our servers so whenever you open a website - data is taken from our servers cache instead of the WordPress website itself, speeding up the process.

  • Saves bandwidth

Some elements of your website always stay the same (for example your website logo). If we don’t use a caching plugin, the server will download the same logo over and over again. For this reason, whenever we make a request, we are losing bandwidth. By using a caching plugin, we avoid these repeated requests.

  • Improves your customer’s experience

Faster load times = happy customers. By adding caching you are providing a better overall experience for all of your website visitors.

  • Improves SEO

Google takes site speed as a determining factor for page ranking. Even though SEO consists of many things, making your website load faster will still benefit your website’s SEO greatly.

  • Reduces the load for the server

Using a caching plugin reduces the number of processes running on your server, thus reducing the load your server and database get. It is extra useful if you want to get the most out of your hosting plan.

Recommended settings

We do recommend sticking with the default settings as they are really optimized for the best performance. Although if you want to tinker around we suggest checking this documentation by the LiteSpeed creators - The Beginner’s Guide to LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress.


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