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How to Connect to Your VPS via SSH
How to Connect to Your VPS via SSH
Connecting to your VPS at Hostinger using SSH
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While there is a broad variety of available templates, which include control panels, you might prefer using SSH for your VPS management - or wish to install a custom panel.

If you want to connect to your account via SSH, all you need to do is:

Step 1 - Gather Your SSH Details

To find your SSH details, you will need to navigate to the VPS dashboard, then choose the server to which you want to connect:

The hPanel VPS section showing how to select the desired server to manage

And click on VPS access:

The VPS access tab on hPanel

There you will see all the details to connect to your account via SSH:

The VPS access section of hPanel


  • If you forgot the SSH password, you can simply set a new one by clicking on the Change button

Step 2 - Prepare the Application

Based on which OS you are using on your computer, the next step will require you to either open Terminal or run an SSH client.


What to open and how


Click Ctrl + Alt + T or Search → Terminal to run terminal

Mac OS

In Spotlight search for Terminal.


  • Download an SSH client that is suitable for you. We recommend PuTTY

  • Alternatively, click Win + R and type cmd. Press Enter - this will run the Terminal

Follow the steps described in this tutorial to configure Putty.

Step 3 - Connect

If you chose PuTTY, make sure to follow this tutorial to connect.

If you chose Terminal, simply copy this code from your hPanel:

The VPS access section of hPanel showing the command to connect via SSH

And insert it into your terminal (you can do this by right-clicking in the terminal). Press Enter - the result should look like this:

The terminal screen showing how to enter the command to connect to VPS via SSH

Type yes and press Enter. Then, you’ll need to insert your password:

The terminal screen showing how to enter the password to connect to VPS via SSH


  • For security purposes, the password won't be displayed even as •••••, but data is still inserted. Don't worry about not seeing symbols. Just insert the password and press Enter

  • Password can be copied and pasted with the right-click of a computer mouse. In Windows, it inserts the password immediately. In Linux, it opens a menu with actions.

If the password is correct, you will now be successfully connected to the server. For a CentOS 7 64bit with CyberPanel, a default response from the server will look like this:

The terminal screen showing the welcome message after a successful connection to the server


What to Do if You Cannot Connect to SSH

If you cannot connect to SSH, we recommend resetting your Firewall. If that didn't help, reset the SSH configuration as well. For that, simply open Settings in the left menu and click on Reset SSH in the SSH configuration section:

The Reset SSH button on SSH configuration at hPanel
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