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How to use Emergency mode on your VPS?
How to use Emergency mode on your VPS?
Enabling Emergency mode for your VPS
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What is Emergency mode?

VPS Emergency mode is a last resort option when it comes to retrieving your data from corrupted or broken VPS. Sometimes malware or accidental system files deletion can deem VPS unusable. In case restoring a backup is not an option - we suggest enabling Emergency mode.

How to activate it?

You can enable Emergency mode in a few clicks via hPanel. Just navigate to the VPS dashboard, choose the server to which you want to apply changes to:

Then open the Settings page:

And simply choose Turn on Emergency mode:

Once it’s enabled you will be able to connect to your VPS via SSH. All of your files will be located under /mnt directory. In case you also have any databases, their files can be easily restored later on by referring to this guide: How to recover MySQL databases from MySQL data files in VPS?


  • It can take up to 10 minutes to enable Emergency mode

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