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How to Use Emergency Mode on Your VPS
How to Use Emergency Mode on Your VPS

Enabling Emergency mode for your VPS

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Sometimes a malware infection or an accidental system file deletion can deem your VPS unusable. In case restoring a backup is not an option, you can access your VPS using the Emergency mode as a last resort option to retrieve your data from a corrupted or broken VPS.

To enable it, navigate to the VPS section of your hPanel and choose the server. Next, open the Settings page:

Once there, go to the Emergency mode tab and click Turn on Emergency mode:

Wait a few minutes for the emergency mode to fully activate. Once enabled, you will be able to reach your server files under the /mnt directory either through FileZilla or a web-based file manager with the accesses provided.

In case you also have databases, refer to this guide: How to Recover MySQL Databases From MySQL Data Files in VPS.

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