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How to check my Hostinger account's login history?
How to check my Hostinger account's login history?
Checking the Account Activity section of your Hostinger account
Updated over a week ago

This article is about your whole Hostinger profile. You can also check your specific hosting plan's activity

If you would like to check, who logged into your Hostinger account, we have just a tool for that! Click on the profile icon, and choose Account Activity:

There are 2 sections: Login History and Account Activity.

Login History

On this page, you can see information about the previous logins in detail:

  1. Date and time

  2. Device used

  3. Location (country and IP tracked during login)

  4. Login Type (which login method was used)

What to do if I don't recognize some logins?

If some previous logins don't look familiar, or you suspect that someone has gained access to your account, you can always log off from all the devices and change the password in just a couple of clicks. Simply click on the Don't recognize a device? button at the top of the page:


Account Activity

On this page, you can find the main information about your orders and Hostinger profile, like enabling social login, changing passwords, renewing services.

If you would like to check your hosting account's detailed activity, including the DNS log, check this article.

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