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How to install Sourcemod and Metamod for Source Game Servers?
How to install Sourcemod and Metamod for Source Game Servers?

Installing plugin support framework on Source Game Server

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While playing source games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, or Counter-Strike: Source, you might feel that something is lacking and want to install plugins to your server. Plugins can greatly improve or completely change the gameplay on the server. In order for these plugins to work, SourceMod and MetaMod are required to be installed first. No need to worry though, it's an easy and straightforward process that can be done in no time!

Step 1 - Downloading the files

  1. Head to SourceMod and MetaMod download pages

  2. Make sure to download the latest available builds for Linux:

  3. Create a separate folder for Sourcemod and Metamod files. Once files are extracted it should look like this:

  4. Open the Addons folder and delete metamod.vdf file:

Step 2 - Preparing a new VDF file

  1. Open up the VDF Generator page

  2. In the dropdown menu select the game you will want to install this too (we will choose CSGO for the sake of this guide) and click Generate metamod.vdf. This will generate a new file that you'll need to download:

  3. Place the file back into the addons folder

  4. Archive both of these folders into one .zip file (it must be zip)

  5. Head to Game Panel file manager. There, you'll have to open a specific path according to what game server you want to install this on.

    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive path - /740/csgo

    • Team Fortress 2 path - /232250/tf

    • Counter-Strike: Source /232330/cstrike

  6. Now upload zip archive inside tf, csgo or cstrike folder (according to what gave you are installing this on:

And there you have it, now you can install plugins on your Source Game Server 😊


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