In case you are having trouble accessing your Game Panel VPS and don't want to rebuild your VPS while losing all of your data. You can easily reset your admin login credentials. To do that, connect to your VPS via SSH and enter these commands:

  1. su - amp -c "ampinstmgr stop ADS01" - This command will stop Game Panel's running processes

  2. su - amp -c "ampinstmgr resetlogin ADS01 user pass" - This command will set login credentials for the Root Admin account. Make sure that you change "user" to the username you want to use and "pass" to the password you want to use

  3. su - amp -c "ampinstmgr start ADS01" - This command will start Game Panel processes again

And there you have it. You have reset your Game Panel login credentials in just three commands! Now you can log in and configure your game servers 😊

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