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How to Use the Referral Program at Hostinger
How to Use the Referral Program at Hostinger

Earning money by sharing referral links

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What Is a Referral Program?

Referral programs provide an opportunity to earn money through recommendations. Our referral program is an easy way to earn money by sharing what you love about Hostinger with your friends and network! You will get a 20% commission for each new successful sign-up, and your referral will get 20% off their purchase.

How to Use It

You can start earning rewards easily by following these steps:

Step 1 — Join the Program

Access the Referral section on hPanel by clicking on the Profile icon on your hPanel and selecting Earn with us:

The Earn with us button to access the Referral Program from Hostinger Members Area

In the welcome screen, click Join now you can start referring right away!

Step 2 — Share Your Referral Links

In the Referral Program section, you will find two main ways to invite your friends:

The Referral code and function to send direct invitations via email
  1. Invite your friends through email enter an email address to send your referral link

  2. Share through social media here, you can find your referral link and share it on the most popular social platforms

Step 3 — Select Your Reward Method

Before receiving your rewards, you will need to add a payment method. The available options are PayPal and wire transfer. Go to the Referral Program section, select your preferred option from the dropdown list, and click on Add:

The option to enter Paypal or wire transfer payment method for referral commisions

Next, check the information notes and proceed to enter your payment method's data.


  • The method you choose is permanent. It cannot be switched in the future

  • If you choose wire transfer, extra fees, and exchange rate differences may apply, depending on your bank's policies. This can reduce the final amount you receive

  • If you have chosen PayPal as the reward method and need to change the account to receive your rewards, follow this guide: How to Update your PayPal for the Referral Program

  • Rewards can only be sent to your selected payment method: PayPal or wire transfer. Transfers from the Referral Program to Hostinger Balance are not supported

Step 4 — Check Eligibility and Receive Your Rewards

When your contacts use your referred link and are eligible, you will accumulate the reward. An eligible purchase is:

  • From a first-time customer — the person you refer must create their account at Hostinger while using the referral link. Already registered users (even if they have no prior services purchased) do not count as new users

  • Purchase of a new Shared, WordPress, Cloud, or VPS hosting plan for at least 12 months using your referral link

  • The referred customer remains active for 45 days and does not request a refund

You can check the status of your pending rewards and the total earned through the program in the Referral Program section:

The information about rewards including pending and total amounts, and criteria for payout eligibility

  1. Pending rewards The accumulated amount to be applied when the following conditions are met

    1. For PayPal, once you reach $50 and 45 days have passed since the purchase

    2. For wire transfer, once you reach $100 and 45 days have passed since the purchase

  2. Total amount — All of your earnings through the Referral Program. Click on Check your progress for a detailed view of all your sent referrals

  3. Criteria — in this section, you can find all the criteria for you to be eligible for rewards and check the Terms of Service at any time

Due to the time required for transaction processing, it may take a few additional days for any eligible rewards to reach your reward method after the 45 days since the purchase has passed

What Is the Difference Between the Referral Affiliate and Programs?

Our Affiliate Program is a great way to earn commissions if you already have an audience — for example, if you have a sizeable amount of followers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or any other social media.

On the other hand, if you want to invite some of your friends to use Hostinger services, this Referral Program is perfect for you. You can earn some cash, and your friends can get a complimentary discount at the checkout!

If you are a web developer or have a company that provides online services, you can manage Hostinger products for your clients.

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