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How to migrate my website from Hostinger?
How to migrate my website from Hostinger?

Migrating your website away from Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

STEP 1 - Gather backups

The most important step in migrating a website is gathering its backups, which can be done as guided here: How to generate backups?


  • If you also want to migrate your emails, it’s a perfect time to do so before pointing/transferring your domain elsewhere. That can be done with the help of IMAP Sync tool

STEP 2 - Transfer/point domain

Now, when it comes to the domain, you need to check if the domain is registered with us or not. If it’s registered with us - you will need to transfer it away. On the other hand, if it’s registered elsewhere - you can just point it away.

STEP 3 - Restore backups

That’s it! The last thing to do is to restore your backups with a new provider.

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