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On some occasions, after you have purchased and registered a domain name, it can appear with the status Reviewing on hPanel:

This can happen for different reasons related to keywords that compose part or all of the domain name, such as:

  • Registered trademarks eg. selloninstagram.tld

  • Alternative spellings for a registered trademark or close misspellings, eg. amazoon.tld

  • Names of public figures, including alternative or close spellings

  • Terms that have been reserved by governmental institutions or for security reasons

Some TLDs, such as .lt, may require an additional step after registration regardless of the domain name and thus are set as reviewing while the process is completed. This usually takes 24 hours or less.

In case your domain name has been on Reviewing status for more than 24 hours, or if you’ve received an email notification regarding the status of your domain, please get in touch with our Live Support:

  • If you have inadvertently registered an already trademarked domain or an otherwise reserved domain, we will help you change it for a different domain name of the same TLD at no additional cost!

  • If the domain name does not contain a reserved keyword or you have a license from the trademark holder, include a brief description of the domain’s purpose. If applicable, please provide legal support for said purpose as well (eg. company registration, licensing agreements, etc.).

In the latter case, the reviewing process will take 1-2 business days after providing the documentation - if the domain is still reserved afterward, you will have the option to change it for a different domain name (same TLD) at no additional cost 😊

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