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Website Builder: How to Add More Languages
Website Builder: How to Add More Languages

Learn how to create a multilingual website with Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

With Hostinger Website Builder, you can easily offer your website in various languages.

Adding a new language duplicates current pages and their content in your default language. Therefore, it's recommended to add more languages once your website is finished in the default language 💡

Within the builder, click on the ellipsis ⋯ button in the sidebar and go to Multi-language settings:

The Multi-language option in Hostinger Website Builder

Select the starting language of your website – it's the default language that's used when visitors access your site:

Setting the default language of a website

Then, click on Add language and select the preferred additional language from the dropdown:

Adding more languages to a website in Hostinger Website Builder

You may also specify a flag per each language:

Selecting a flag to represent a language variety

Switch to other versions in the upper toolbar:

Switching between website's versions according to the language

The content is not translated automatically: you need to translate it manually or with the help of online machine translation tools, e.g., Google Translate, DeepL, etc.

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