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Website Builder: How to Upload a Custom Font
Website Builder: How to Upload a Custom Font

Learn how to upload a custom font using Hostinger Website Builder

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Learn how to upload and troubleshoot custom fonts ✍️

Uploading a Custom Font

1. Within the website builder, click on any text element and select Edit text:

The button to edit a text element

2. Expand the font dropdown, and under My fonts click Upload. Select a file from your computer to upload:

Font options in the text element settings

3. Finally, select the preferred portion of text and click on the new font to apply it:

Custom fonts in the text element settings


If you're facing an issue while uploading a font, follow the steps below.

Firstly, check the title of your font file. Remove any special characters (- , . _) from the file name, and upload the file again:

Examples of incorrect (left) and correct (right) file names

If the font upload still gets stuck, make sure that the file you're trying to upload is in any of these formats: .WOFF or .WOOF2. 

Normally, you can upload a font file in any other format (e.g., .OTF or .TTF), as the website builder automatically converts it to the supported ones. However, it may be that an unexpected error occurred, and the file wasn't converted successfully, therefore can't be uploaded. A quick solution is to manually convert the font file to .WOFF2 and then upload it again. You can use the Font Converter tool for that.

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