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Website Builder: How to Integrate Custom Code
Website Builder: How to Integrate Custom Code

Learn how to add custom code to your website created with Hostinger Website Builder

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With the help of custom code, you can connect third-party integrations or verify the ownership of your website or domain for various services and platforms, e.g., Google Search Console, Facebook, AdSense, and the like.


  • To embed custom code (add it specifically to the <body></body> part of your website's code), use embed code elements

  • Changes made by custom code are visible in the website's preview mode and online, not within the editor

Integrate Custom Code

Within the builder, go to Website settings Integrations:

Accessing the website's integrations settings in Hostinger Website Builder

Paste the code into the Custom code field:

Adding custom codes in Hostinger Website Builder

You can add as many codes there as you need. Just make sure to paste one snippet of code below another, and don't paste one in the middle of another code 💡

Finally, save the changes and update your website.


If the integration is not working as expected, make sure that you've inserted the correct script and updated your website. Updating your website is necessary to push the newly added script to your website's source code.

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