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Website Builder: How to Change Website Colors
Website Builder: How to Change Website Colors

Learn how to change colors using Hostinger Website Builder

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There are two ways to customize colors in Hostinger Website Builder:

  • Globally – in the global website style settings

  • Locally – for each element or section individually

Global Styles Settings

Within the editor, expand the Styles panel on the left and open the Colors tab. Here, you'll find all colors that are used across your website. The most frequently used colors appear at the top of the list. Click on Change next to any color, select a new one, and it will replace the previous color all across your website:

The global style settings in Hostinger Website Builder

Remember that you can still edit the appearance of individual elements and sections manually anytime (see below).

Local Style Settings

Click on a preferred element, select Edit, and change its color individually. For example, click on a text element and select Edit text. Then, select (highlight) a portion of text you'd like to change the color of and click on the color picker:

The color settings in a text element

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