All our website templates follow responsive web design seeking the best user experience across all devices. Responsive web design means that your website content will stretch or shrink depending on your website visitor's screen size and resolution.

In other words, responsive web design creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it. This way, every element on your website will look good for every user!

It means that there is no one set of dimensions for perfect image size. Even though there is no optimal image size for image elements nor for section background images, you can resize elements and sections however you want.

For best performance, we recommend using the following specifications for your website's visuals:

  • The recommended link preview image size is 1200×630 PX

  • The recommended logo format is .PNG or .SVG, as logos are usually transparent

  • Avoid uploading image files the titles of which contain spaces or special/non-Latin characters

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