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How to use Web Disk on cPanel
How to use Web Disk on cPanel

Using Web Disk to manage your cPanel files

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cPanel has a feature that helps you browse, upload and download files in a fast and secure manner by creating a folder from your web server directly to your desktop.

To start using it, go to your cPanel Files section → Web Disk:

By default, there will be a Web Disk account created, just activate it by clicking on Configure Client Access:


  • For Windows operating systems, make sure to Enable Digest Authentication.

Next, select your operating system and download the configuration script:

Open the script file, click OK if you get a notification and wait a few minutes. Once the connection is completed, the File Manager application will open and request for your cPanel username and password:

Just enter your cPanel credentials and you will have access to your server files from your local device! 😊

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