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Website Builder: Common Warnings in Google Search Console
Website Builder: Common Warnings in Google Search Console

Resolving the most popular issues in Google Search Console

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Google Search Console (GSC) is a tool that helps understand how a website performs in the Google search engine. In this article, we'll briefly introduce the following warnings by GSC:

The below-given solutions apply to sites created with our Website Builder 💡

URL is not on Google

This warning is usually complemented by the following phrase: “This page is not in the index, but not because of the error. See the details below to learn why it wasn’t indexed”.

It means that Google has crawled the page but, during indexing, decided that the page was probably not intended to get indexed. It also means that the URL can’t appear in the search results.


Discovered – currently not indexed

It means that Google knows about the page but hasn’t crawled (and therefore indexed) it yet.


Typically, it gets naturally resolved with time. If the issue remains, check the quality of the content — it could be that Google doesn’t think it’s worth their time. The issues related to the quality of content aren’t limited to any particular URL, so make sure that you have high-quality content site-wide. You may find more recommendations here: Get Your Website on Google 💡

Crawled – currently not indexed

It means that Google has already crawled the page but hasn’t indexed it yet.


Usually, it gets naturally resolved with time. If the issue remains, try the following:

Duplicate without user-selected canonical

It means that Google found duplicate URLs that are not canonicalized to a preferred version.


Google doesn’t index duplicate URLs, but, most likely, a similar page is already indexed — check that by following this guide.

For example, this page is already indexed: 

And this one (www) is identified as a duplicate without user-selected canonical:

Or vice versa: the page with www is indexed, and the page without www is identified as a duplicate without user-selected canonical. Therefore, you may see such a warning in GSC.

Canonical links are not supported in Hostinger Website Builder yet. Thus, you wouldn't be able to tell Google which URL is canonical.

Setting up a 301 server-side redirect should help solve GSC canonical errors. You can do it with the help of Cloudflare: Configuring URL forwarding or redirects with Page Rules 💡

Submitted URL marked “noindex”

This means that you've chosen not to index the page.


Excluded by “noindex” tag and blocked by robots.txt

Websites created with Hostinger Website Builder don’t have rorbots.txt files. The page might have the “noindex” tag.


Server error (5xx)

This indicates that there was a problem with the server where your website is hosted.


Redirect error

This means that the page is not indexed due to a redirect error.

A common example: instead of, you're asking to index

All websites created with Hostinger Website Builder automatically use HTTPS. Therefore, all the URLs of your website should include HTTPS when asking Google to index them. This error usually appears if you previously had indexed your website pages with HTTP or if you've submitted an HTTP URL for indexing manually.

Submitted URL not found (404)

This warning means that the page doesn't exist or was unreachable. It can be caused by deleting a page from the website, making DNS changes, or experiencing temporary downtime.


Blocked by page removal tool

It means that the URL is currently blocked by Google Removals tool. This tool helps to suspend the indexation of a page for a period of 90 days. After that, Google may index the page again.


Indexed but not submitted in sitemap URL

This warning means that your page is indexed but not found in your sitemap. Don't worry; there is no actual problem with your page.

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