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Website Builder: How to Choose a Website Template
Website Builder: How to Choose a Website Template

Learn how to choose a website template in Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

Hostinger Website Builder offers dozens of stylish templates to help you start building your website. The whole process is based on easy drag-and-drop editing and requires no coding skills! You may choose from:

  • Designer-made templates

  • Blank templates

  • AI-generated templates

If you decide to pick from the predesigned templates, you can browse all templates within the All websites category. Templates are also categorized by a more specific area/topic: Portoflio, Photography, Marketing, Events, and so on.

If you struggle to find a specific template for your niche, don't worry – all of them have the same tools and functionalities and are easily customizable. Therefore, there's no need to stick to the template categories! If you're willing to unleash your creativity, you can create any website using any template 👨🏻‍🎨

Hover over any template and click on Preview to view and explore it, or click on Start building to begin working on your website:

Choosing a template in Hostinger Website Builder

You can change the website template anytime 💡

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